New Underwater Camera (Olympus TG-830)

Fish at Kahekili Beach, Maui

Fish at Kahekili Beach, Maui

Nice huh?

I recently bought a new underwater camera (act like you care). My old Olympus Stylus 850 SW 8MP just wore out. More water was getting inside and it simply refused to take any underwater photos even though it would take photos above water, which is odd… I had the camera for ~4 years so it was time for a new one.

After reading reams of reviews, both consumer and editorial, I decided to get a…

[drum roll please…]

Olympus Stylus TG-830!!

Based on all of the reviews I read they are rated more highly than the Go Pro cameras and other cameras I looked at in that price range. Go Pro does tons of advertising and they are found almost everywhere; bike shops, random retail stores, etc. but rarely do you see an Olympus except maybe in a camera shop.

My TG-830 is waterproof to 33 feet, shockproof to ~7 feet, crushproof under more weight that I will likely expose it to, freezeproof and a few other “proofs”.

It also has a GPS that you can turn off, to save the battery, and a compass. Most impressive is full 1080P HD video. Here’s a sample of the videos I took with this camera, pictures of a spotted eagle ray, turtles, an eel and a few schools of fish. [I love Vimeo by the way…]

The feature that I liked the most when taking underwater photos is the setting that enables me to hold down the button to take a fast series of pictures. For example, it will take 2 pictures a second (or faster if you like) while I swim towards fish I want a photo of. You never know when the fish will swim away or how the sun dancing underwater will affect your photo so I just take 10-12 photos at one time and only keep a few that turn out well.

The pictures are amazing. I don’t have to do any photo editing. The photo at the top is one example I took with this camera. The color of the photo was not been adjusted. I only reduced the size of the photo.


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