Maui (Spring 2012)

Chang's Beach, Makena, Maui

Chang’s Beach, Makena, Maui

Chang’s is a small, quiet beach. I found snorkeling to be good to the right of the photo above. After you pass the rocks on the right you may see some turtles. There are several inlets underwater where different types of fish like to float and rest during the day.

There are no restrooms, but there’s a small shower.

The parking lot is rather difficult to find since it feels like you’re pulling into some guys driveway. Parking is just off Makena Road. When driving south on Makena Road you’ll see the gold sign for “Makena Surf”, then 2 yellow posts on either side of the parking lot entrance that are used to close the parking lot at night. There’s maybe about 8 parking stalls. Follow the narrow path down to the beach.

I found some additional photos of Chang’s beach.

Another little tidbit. Both Google Maps and Bing Maps are wrong when it comes to Chang’s. They show Po’olenalena Beach which is north of Chang’s. If you find yourself on a wide, expansive beach then you’re not at Chang’s. Although, Po’olenalena is a nice beach too. You can snorkel from one beach to the other as well.

The Pi’ilani Highway

We took about a 1/2 day trip on the Pi’ilani Highway. We drove much further than on our trip over a year earlier.

Pi'ilani Highway, Maui

The Poo Poo Bridge.. Yep…

Poo Poo Bridge, Pi'ilani Highway, Maui

The following was about as far as we got, near mile marker 27-29. Note the little sea arch in the photo below.

Pi'ilani Highway, Maui

Snorkeling (of course)

Kahekili Beach Park

Tried a new place to snorkel – Kahekili Beach Park. It was a great beach and a great place to snorkel.

It’s a little north of Black Rock in Ka’anapali. In the photo below you can see Black Rock sticking out.

There are restrooms, showers, plenty of parking. On Sunday, I believe, there are vendors selling their stuff on the hotel lawns so you can walk over and browse.

Kahekili Beach Park, Maui

On this beach I found the Unicornfish to be rather friendly. Each time I dove to take a picture and returned to the surface these fish would swim very close to me, probably 6-8 at a time.

Unicorn fish, Kahekili Beach Park, Maui






A nice mound of coral.

Kahekili Beach Park, Maui






I followed a huge school of Surgeonfish along the bottom.
School of fish at Kahekili Beach Park, Maui


Keawakapu beach, near the Kihei Boat Launch

Early morning (before 10am) you may see several turtles. I saw this medium sized turtle taking a rest. I kept a respectful distance while I zoomed in and took his photo.

Green Sea Turtle, Keawakapu Beach Maui

 Near the turtle above was a Whitemouth Moray Eel.

Whitemouth Moray Eel

Honolua Bay

We went snorkeling here again hoping it would be better than when we last visited over a year ago. No such luck, same conditions.

You need to park on the road and there’s only a few spots to stick your car.

There’s a short hike (~10 mins) down a dried mud road surrounded by a dense forest. The beach has mostly bowling ball sized rocks, no sand castles here!

Snorkeling from the shore is miserable. In the water you need to walk through “sludge” (leaves, sticks, etc). You can’t see your feet. After swimming for probably 50 yards the water starts to clear up. I inserted a larger photo below so you can see the line between the sludge and the clearer water.

It’s best to snorkel from a boat. Once in the clearer water it is much better. Lots of fish.

Snorkeling at Honolua Bay, Kapalua, Maui

Snorkeling at Honolua Bay, Kapalua, Maui




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